Lonnie & Lien

Help you with breezy reminders

The covid
guideline basics

Lonnie and Lien were born from the time that remained as a result of the  lockdown. Of course, a creative mind does not stand still, and keeps on tinkering around. The result are these cheerful figures.

A few short sketches that help you remind the ‘Covid guideline basics’ for the more ‘breezy’ situations.

Because I thought they might come in handy to people. I made video loops, gifs and stickers. Completely free and free to use. On your socials, your school, university, in your shop or favourite bar. Wherever you want.

Watch them here

And a big phat Shout Out to Elephant Ears
This shout out goes to Elephant Ears for the sound design. And especially to Mike van Creij for collaborating. These guys are awesome sound designers, handmade, foley on the details, playing with balloons, everything …

Download your social loops here

Short video loops tailor-made for all your socials and your narrowcast.

Get your gifs and stickers here

Stickers and gifs on GIPHY. Download or add them to your favourites.