Block Stuck Struggle

An experiment to get out of a creative block.

F*ck the crative block

So every once in a while I walk into a wall. Although I do have a very flat nose, it’s not from literally walking into a walls. Sometimes there’s just a creative struggle. You’re stuck. A creative block.

The thing that works for me (ohw, here comes the irony) is to just simply start creating. Just start making stuff without thinking of the outcome.

And that’s what I did. I started with a sphere, gave it a material and animated a cloth like bubbly bursting thing. Went on making a skull and some confetti crumbling ribbon releasing floating mountain thingies. Gave some more roles to spheres and themed the whole thing with creative blockage typography. Ad there it was ‘ BlockStuckStruggle’. This made me happy. So, I went on… drinking beers.

  • Client
  • Self-promotion from Hell
  • Year
  • 2008
  • Technique
  • CGI, 3D, Motion Graphics
  • Direction, design and animation
  • Timothy Mercenary
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