Green Vibrations

Save the date.

Longing for your favorites

For years now my friends at Beeldgeneratie invite me to work with them on the development of the artwork for Green Vibrations Festival.
This one is where it all started. The assignment was simple, “we need a save the date animation”. All the heavy lifting design work was already done and I was given a poster design to start with. The poster had everything to tell the story. It was a clean facetted design, which created a distinct style.

To bring it all in motion I brought the festival mascot, a squirrel, always carrying around it’s favorite snack, an acorn, to life and added an nice little world for it to live in. And so telling it’s own story of longing for an acorn and letting everyone know when they’ll get their favorites.

  • Client
  • Green Vibrations Festival
  • Year
  • 2013
  • Technique
  • 3D Animation
  • Agency
  • Beeldgeneratie
  • DesignBeeldgeneratie & Timothy Mercenary
  • Production, Direction and creationTimothy Mercenary
  • SoundtrackMorning Glance by Blue Ice
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