Green Vibrations

Save the date.

Playing nice
in the sandbox

I love a good collaboration where disciplines come together, creating a synergy that can drive creativity through the roof. Mixing and building upon each other talents, catapulting a project to new heights. That’s when playing nice in the sandbox works.
And that’s also the case when combining techniques. Finding a way for them to work together and then marvel at how something fresh and new arises.

For this project we did exactly that. Beeldgeneratie and Timothy Mercenay joined hands and created this sand sculpture and gave it a topping with some projection mapped animation. Something old vs. new. Something traditional vs. a modern touch.

  • Client
  • Green Vibrations Festival
  • Year
  • 2016
  • Technique
  • Sand sculpture, Projection mapping, 2D animation
  • Agency
  • Beeldgeneratie
  • Concept, Design and Art directionBeeldgeneratie
  • Direction and animationTimothy Mercenary
  • SoundtrackHGHR LVLS
  • Projection mappingTimothy Mercenary
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