Green Vibrations

Save the date.

Real or not real

That’s the question and also the theme of this years Green Vibrations Festival. Beeldgeneratie and I teamed up again and even expanded the team with Vanz taking on the production and helping with set design and we had Ruben Cress on photography and lighting.
To accommodate the theme we made use of different materials such as paper, FIMO Clay, moss, modeling moss, glass beads, beaded pins and some CGI materials.

With the usage of these materials we wanted to create some confusion over what is real and what not. By playing with a natural material in unnatural form and objects that are physically real but might as well be CGI. Or from the other side CGI elements that could be real. With the materials so close in appearance, raising the question of what is natural, physical or computer generated. This all created a welcome and a bit of a surreal setting. Unique in its own form.

  • Client
  • Green Vibrations Festival
  • Year
  • 2017
  • Technique
  • Mixed Media, Set Design, CGI, 3D Animation
  • Agency
  • Beeldgeneratie
  • Concept & Set designBeeldgeneratie
  • Direction, design & animationTimothy Mercenary
  • Production & Set designVanz
  • Camera, light and photographyRuben Cress
  • SoundtrackHGHR SLVS
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