Green Vibrations

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There are a lot of times that I start a piece of copy with “I love”. That’s just because I have so many things to love and so much love to give. So, I love mixing stuff up, combining and layering things, or turning things around. It will give you those happy accidents that expose these unexpected but most welcome hidden treasures.

Most of the time my workflow consists of taking a live-action plate and manipulate it digitally. For this project we turned that process around and started of digitally.

We imaged that there is a world full of hidden treasure. If you just change your point of view. It will change your perspective and could uncover a hidden treasure that was already right in front of you. With this in mind we’ve made a 3D simulation, took the measurements and brought it to the real world. We used laser cut plywood, sticks, tape and paper to create a paper craft set design, that was 2 meters in width, 3 in depth and about 3 meters in Hight.

  • Client
  • Green Vibrations Festival
  • Year
  • 2018
  • Technique
  • Paper Craft, Set Design
  • Agency
  • Beeldgeneratie
the scenes
  • ConceptBeeldgeneratie
  • Set DesignBeeldgeneratie, Vanz
  • ProductionVanz
  • Camera & PhotographyRuben Cress
  • Technical Direction & Post-productionTimothy Mercenary
  • SoundtrackHGHR SLVS
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