Save the date

and a vintage Meccano motor.

Once a year, when the leaves have fallen from the trees and the year is drawing to a close, a silhouette appears in my doorway. The low sun shines over a pair of high shoulders, cutting an alignment of a person in a play of light and shadow. There is a voice “So… I have this idea…”
That’s when I know Beeldgeneratie is brooding on the artwork for Green Vibrations again. It is Robert with the question “how is that possible?”

For a few years now, this is how they have been asking me on board for the development of the artwork, which is one of the most fun projects to work on.
This year we had the work theme “change” or “revolution” which resulted in this clockwork of typography. Designed with CAD and completely traditional made with plywood, colored paper, felt, static grass powder, gravel, plexiglass, Styrofoam and wool… and a Vintage Meccano motor that lasted up to 2 hours to the shoot.

  • Client
  • Green Vibrations Festival
  • Year
  • 2019
  • Technique
  • Set Design, Traditional Medial, CAD
  • Agency
  • Beeldgeneratie
The Scenes
Beeldgeneratie, about the project.

Green Vibrations Festival was initially a barbecue party, but bursted out of its seams. It now attracts more than 2500 visitors each year. Local artists and musicians are offered a space on various stages and the festival is entirely based on the efforts of volunteers. This unique festival deserves a unique visual identity. That’s where Beeldgeneratie comes in. In the past 14 years, Green Vibrations Festival has become THE way for us to experiment with new techniques and materials. The festival gives us full artistic freedom. Just the way we like it!

Because a number of things are changing within the festival, the theme this year is “change” or “revolution”. So why not create a moving artwork? That would be awesome for video! We could already envision it. All the elements that you see at the festival, combined in a moving sculpture. Yes! But would it be feasible? Timothy Mercenary introduced engineer Harry Berends to the team to test the technical feasibility. Harry worked out our ideas and made a slick animation that served as proof; this was going to work! What followed was a thorough research of materials and color, laser cutting of 400 objects, making pompoms, painting, coating and assembling. Creative Producer Vanity Roxane made sure that everything was arranged in no time.

Thanks to her network, we came in contact with Tom Knol, who wanted to be on board to shoot and edit the video. He elevated the artwork further with the lighting, filming and editing. The music of HGHR LVLS, who has been involved in the festival since day one, is the icing on the cake.

This madness resulted in an intriguing gear installation that was powered by an old school Meccano electric motor that lasted until two hours after the shoot. We gave the festival a unique and eccentric identity that sets it apart from any other event in Twente and the surrounding area. The artwork is used in all promotional means for the festival. We are currently working on flyers, social media, website design, drinking cups, wristbands, T-shirts, handouts, banners and more.

  • Creative/ Art DirectionBeeldgeneratie
  • DOP/EditorTom Knol
  • ProductionVanity Roxane
  • EngineerHarry Berends
  • Technical DirectorTimothy Mercenary
  • SoundtrackHGHR LVLS
  • InternsLois Barendse, Jamiro Leerling, Lani Eggert
  • ClientGreen Vibrations Festival
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