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Wash Yo Hands

Lonnie & Lien
help you with some breezy reminders.

Lonnie and Lien were born during the Dutch Coronavirus lockdown. Dark times that left an impression for sure. And with the loss of projects or projects on hold a lot of time freed up.
Of course, a creative mind does not stand still, even during a lockdown and keeps on tinkering around. The result are these cheerful figures.

I wasn’t the only creative with time to spare. Mike van Creij of Elepant Ears contacted me during that time about some collaboration. The timing couldn’t be better of course so they went on creating the sound design.

Awesome sound designers these guys. Hands-on foley onto the details, playing with balloons, everything … Love these guys.

A few short sketches that help you remind the ‘guideline basics’ for the more ‘breezy’ situations.

Because I thought they might come in handy to people. I created a package with video loops, gifs and stickers for people to download and use freely. On socials, in schools, university, shop’s or favorite bar. Wherever they see fit.

  • Client
  • Off-Base Activities
  • Sound Design
  • Elephant Ears
  • Technique
  • CGI, 3D Animation, Character Design
  • Direction, Design and Animation
  • Timothy Mercenary
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