O Deer Kitzy

Off-Base Activities

The stare of
the plastic figurines

These little Kitzy figurines from Koziol were a present from my dear sister to keep me company in my new studio. Consequently they were staring at me every day and actually forced me to the idea of giving them a leading role in one of my animations. And so it happened.
I had some new equipment to test out and I was playing with the idea of tree trunks made out of paper.

When you take two things and put them together, you create something new. (According to Michel Gondry) So I did, and made a paper craft set and placed the figurines in their new habitat. That way I could nicely tryout and film with the new camera and lighting set. And to make it completely ‘two things, something new’ I added ‘a patch’ of 3D animation. Which resulted in this triple mixed media brand mood film.

  • Client
  • Off-Base Activities
  • Year
  • 2018
  • Technique
  • Paper Craft, Set Design, CGI, 3D Animation
  • Direction, design and animation
  • Timothy Mercenary
the scenes
  • Production, Direction and creationTimothy Mercenary
  • SoundtrackSusumu Yokota
  • Lucky CharmKoziol Werkdesign
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