180 Upon Reflection

Upon Reflection

Upon reflection, life is not a linear journey but a cyclical proces. We rise, and we fall, alone and together. There are moments in life where everything changes.
What used to be normal can change in the blink of an eye.
Through a conversation that made you think differently about something, an artwork that changed your perspective. Loss of someone or something. Love. Travel. A good night’s sleep. A newborn baby.
We’ve all had one or more pivotal moments in our lives. And now, recently, we’ve gone through a ‘180’ together as a society.

Everything changed, yet we became more still than ever. While being apart from each other, we had time to reflect, journey inside.
There were many hardships and losses. And also new pathways that opened up. Seeds sawn long ago that finally got the chance to sprout.
Upon reflection, life is about choices, and the question to ask is, what choices do we need to make now?

  • Client
  • TEDxAmsterdam
  • Year
  • 2021
  • Technique
  • Mixed Media, CGI, Photography, 3D Animation, 2D Animation
  • Direction, design and animation
  • Timothy Mercenary
Content Impression
  • Speaker Title
  • Social Posts
  • Social Stories
  • AgencyBeing There
  • Art DirectionYona Hümmels
  • Concept & DesignYona Hümmels, Leonie Smelt, Timothy Mercenary
  • Direction & AnimationTimothy Mercenary
  • Music Lavandou
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