TM Ident 2011

Natural but surreal.

For the love of mixing

I’m in love with nature. There’s always a beauty in it. And yes, I hug a tree from time to time. Anyway, the latter hasn’t much to do with this.
But still, when I needed an Ident to close of my reel I was for sure compelled to go outside and find me a shot to build the animation upon.

An other thing that I love is mixing media and in this instance, mixing illustrative 3D animation on a live-action plate. Which makes the resulting composite feel natural but surreal. So al that lovin’ came together in this 2011 Ident. It’s an oldie, but still lovin’ it.

  • Client
  • Self-promotion
  • Year
  • 2011
  • Technique
  • CGI, Live-action
  • Direction, design and animation
  • Timothy Mercenary
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