Work Your Love


Work Your Love

This is WORK YOUR LOVE a TV and social campaign for Voort. For this, Fitzroy teamed up with the Klee & Mercenary squad ( a.k.a. Elroy Klee and yours truly ; ) to create some mixed media animation.

We used a combination of photography, 2D, 3D and cel animation. That we pieced together into these quirky WORK YOUR LOVE heads.

  • Client
  • Voort
  • Year
  • 2018
  • Technique
  • Mixed Media, CGI, Photography, 3D Animation, Cel Animation
  • Agency
  • Fitzroy
Fitzroy, about the campaign.

Challenge: Voort is at war. A war for talent. Our challenge was to position Voort within the world of young engineers and communicate this in an engaging and relevant way before the competition does.

Insight: Millennials want to spread their wings. They’re looking for flexible and free work environments to gain experience in. They’d rather not feel stuck. For them, a career should be an adventure. 

Idea: Would you rather build a bridge than an online following? Whatever you do, work your love. Voort helps you discover the jobs that make your heart beat faster. 

  • ClientVoort
  • AgencyFitzroy
  • ProductionLinda Cuvelier
  • Art DirectionJeena van der Heul
  • CopyKim van Dongen
  • VoiceSef
  • Direction & AnimationElroy Klee & Timothy Mercenary
  • Photography Maurice van der Meijs
  • TalentDelia, Jesper, Cheraine, Roy, Moo, Javan
  • SoundrtackSoundsright
  • StylingRianne Boon
  • VisagieMichela de Simone
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