Xing Pao

For The Daily Martian

Back in the day we had this little club called
The daily Martian

We were all studying something in the arts and met on a weekly basis. The purpose of al this… was just to create. We had a jar full of little papers with ideas, or at least something written on it.
Every Wednesday evening, after a couple of beers and assessing the previous assignment, we picked a new one out of that jar. That would give us the theme of our next weekly assignment.

This little pearl is the result of one of those assignments. I believe the theme was something along the lines of “Inspired by Chinese culture, analog/digital”
So, I started painting a texture and photographing a flower, brought it to after effects, illustrated a bit and experimented with inverse kinematics. And so knitted everything together into this imaginary ident, Xing Pao.

  • Client
  • The Daily Martian
  • Year
  • 2008
  • Technique
  • Mixed Media, Motion Graphics
  • Direction, design and animation
  • Timothy Mercenary
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