YANGA Sports Water

YANGA Sports Water is a refreshing sports drink with a fruity twist. The company leases its hydration stations to gyms and fitness centres all over Europe. The brand desired a deeper understanding of their fans and wanted to get to know the people who were still unaware of the brand, while generating brand awareness.

Wirelab devised a campaign around the concept of a tropical oasis, bursting through the gym, revitalizing you with every sip of Yanga. That meant a they were in need of some fruity explosions. So, they got me on board to design and visualize the stuff with some CGI illustration and animation that we used for VFX in film, photography and augmented reality.

  • Client
  • YANGA Sports Water
  • Year
  • 2019
  • Technique
  • CGI, Illustration, 3D Animation, Augmented Reality, Mixed Media
  • Agency
  • Wirelab
Wirelab, about the campaign.

Who’s drinking our sports water?

YANGA Sports Water is a refreshing sports drink with a fruity twist. The company leases its hydration stations to gyms and fitness centres all over Europe, so YANGA’s target audience must include all gym-goers, right? Right… but YANGA was wondering which types of people are really impressed with their product, and which are still unaware. The company came to us with this question, and together we set out a plan to create a deeper understanding of their target audiences while generating the brand awareness and sentiment they deserve.

Fresh, fruity, and fun

This plan included a campaign around the concept of a tropical oasis. YANGA bursts through the gym and revitalizes you as soon as you take that first sip. We worked off of the spirit of the YANGA brand and the flavor of their sports water, using words such as tropical, fun, fresh, exotic, and explosive to guide us. We then translated that feeling into all the digital assets we created.

Translating the essence of the brand into a visual experience across all touchpoints

The campaign focused on a set of videos, which were promoted across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We didn’t just stick with video though – we also created a number of other digital assets to complement the campaign, including photography for their website, Google Display Ads, and very funky augmented reality filters. By creating a visual brand experience across a range of online touchpoints, we gained ammunition to seriously impress the audience with the YANGA brand.

A simple storyline with powerful effects

The goal of the videos was to portray that drinking YANGA Sports Water gives you that kick you need to keep on going. But we didn’t want to just record models drinking the sports water – we wanted to show YANGA work its magic in a more indirect and powerful way. Thus, we created a simple and concise story that allowed us to focus on the special effects. The storyline is straightforward: you’re hot, you’re sweaty, and you’re putting in serious work at the gym. You barely have any power left and then – magic – YANGA’s hydrating tropical oasis kicks in and you’ve got new energy to hit those reps like never before.

Creativity and innovation get the job done

We really wanted to accentuate the difference between before and after drinking YANGA Sports Water. To do this, our videography team got creative with a number of exercises. By working with the motion of the battle ropes, we pulled off a thundering transition to the next frame as the ropes slam onto the ground. To be able to capture a dynamic top-down perspective of a barbell press that moves up and down with each rep, we even created a custom rig that fastened the camera onto the barbell.

A virtual taste of YANGA Sports Water

As we released the campaign into the world, we were excited to see its first engagements. Instead of focusing on likes or follows, in this campaign we aimed for click-throughs to our Facebook Instant Experience. Within the Instant Experience, leads were given access to the YANGA Oasis AR-filter in exchange for filling in a short questionnaire. Similar to a Snapchat or Instagram filter, a YANGA Sports Water bottle appears in the AR filter when users open their mouths, making it look like the person is drinking the sports water.

Getting to know your customers

While the audience was happy to play with the AR filter, we were happy to get valuable insights into who these people were. We prepared two question sets: one for those who’d already tried YANGA Sports Water, and one for those who hadn’t. The questions probed into who YANGA’s end customer is (and isn’t), what they desire, and how non-users could be brought on board as loyal customers.

Lots of awareness, lots of insight

The YANGA Oasis campaign successfully raised awareness of the YANGA brand amongst its broader target audience. The data we collected enabled us to double down into the specifics of who their exact target audiences are, the content they resonate with, and what they’d like to get from YANGA in the future. These insights have helped us immensely in setting up consecutive campaigns, which have generated even better results than the first. Yep, that’s right, we’re still working closely together with YANGA to continuously build up brand sentiment and awareness with their audience. We’re excited to see what this fruity, explosive collaboration will bring us next, but we know for sure it’ll be profitable.

  • ClientYANGA Sports Water
  • AgencyWirelab
  • Art DirectionAdam Butler
  • Digital ProducerKaz Wesseloo
  • ScriptTwan Pastoor, Adam Butler, Sander Veldhuizen
  • DeveloperBart Wttewaall
  • Camera & EditSander Veldhuizen
  • PhotographyHermen Gerrits
  • Graphic DesignJoey van Dijk
  • InternLen Borghuis
  • Office dogDuvel
  • CGI, Illustration, AnimationTimothy Mercenary
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