The Process

2D / 3D Animation and Motion Graphics production.

The Process

Design Thinking

As a designer, the creative process is your natural environment. Design Thinking is therefore the logical process that is interwoven in the approach of a project. In other words, stories and solutions are developed for the intended audience we want to reach. We put the needs of the audience first. Merging this with a focus on aesthetic value and the visual story, makes the perfect environment to create a unique and compelling story together.

The process starts with defining the project and creating a creative strategy, after which we generate ideas and develop concepts for image and story. During the design process, we develop these further into the final visual story. In the animation we set everything in motion, after which we bring all image and sound elements together to the finish and put on the finishing touches for delivery.

The Workflow

Production Pipeline

The creative process finds its place in the workflow for the production of the content. We call this workflow the Production Pipeline. The Production Pipeline is divided into several phases, each of which is divided into production steps with accompanying deliverables. The production phases work accordingly with Waterfall principles. This means that each phase builds on the previous phase and that phase must then be completed before we enter the next phase.

The production steps work in a circular fashion following Design Thinking principles. This means that, if desired, we can go through the steps several times and iterate until the desired result.
The entire Production Pipeline is flexible and scalable. The production’s phasing always remains standing and where necessary production steps and iterations can be added or omitted. This is how a tailor-made production is designed.

The Project DNA

Tailored to suit your needs.

The process of creation is easily explained; definition, strategy, story, design, animation and finish to result. The workflow of the Production Pipeline is clearly phased, but can be a bit elusive due to the many steps. When we depict the entire process in a diagram, it becomes clear at a glance.

The following diagram therefore exposes the DNA of a typical 3D motion design / animation project. It makes clear how all production steps relate in time and scope. It provides an overview of the project’s progression with an overview of all steps and milestones in production.

It also becomes clear how scalability in a production can work for effectual customization.
This approach makes it possible to effectively design a project that can meet all needs. Tailored, on time and within budget. In this way we engineer the DNA for the best outcome of your project.